Team Building in Umbria for working groups in order to improve the team working ability to make communication easier, to stimulate creativity, to let leadership emerge, to teach listening, to believe in business values, to develop empathy… Usually, the courses of the most required team building are outdoors; they often are adventurous, orienteering or survival.

A special set for the realization of Team Building is the natural environment which makes the free expressions and the communication among attendees easier, the one you can find in Umbria.

Team Building in Umbria

Sport is the idea element to work on the themes of performance, to achieve goals and rôles.
The outdoor business training experiences can be realised in places like mountains, rivers, lakes and the sea; in some cases they originate adventure experiences where the working team compares to the surrounding environment and to its difficulties.

Some examples can be orienteering, rafting activities or using outdoor training structures like the so-called high ropes. The aim of the outdoor training is to make each person who takes part to the experience feel a basic figure in the firm.
Villamena, whit its outdoor spaces, is the ideal location to realise Team Building in Umbria because every corner of its external spaces can be used for different kind of games.

In Villamena, also cinema and team building can be developed thanks to Raffaella, the owner of the village, who’s a professional director.

The team can be involved in the realisation of a short or a theatrical performance in order to develop communication, relation and learning dynamics among the team members.

Thanks to the outdoor and indoor spaces and to the possibility of renting exclusively the whole villa, which hosts as far as forty-four guests, Villamena is the ideal place for the success of your Team Building in Umbria.