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Have a beautiful experience with your GROUP in Umbria, Assisi.

We offer you the luxury to relax, be carefree and totally immerse yourself in the local atmosphere, making the most of your precious time.
We take care of all the logistical arrangements and tiny details you would hope to think of if only you had the time. The secret of our small group in Umbria, Assisi,  lies in choosing exciting itineraries and not boring.

Our group can live a complete Italian and Umbrian traditional experience with us:

The food for you group in Umbria, Assisi: Every morning we’ll decide together how eat for breakfast, mozzarellacalled  treccia  just made every morning, typical Umbria salami and cheese, ( caciotta and pecorino form Norcia), cakes handmade, fresh fruit, frsh orange juice and many other things.

Do you like our kitchen? So we can arrange for a typical cooking class with our chef Onelia, together we will go picking the vegetables in her  field and we will make the tasty meal, we can make the gnocchi with a typical Umbria sauce or together we make the torta al testo filled with  vegetables and sausages or ham and many other Umbrian food.

What about a medioeval dinner? A dip in the 13th century age with   costumes, food, performances, music all  medieval, Group in Umbria, Assisi.

We can arrange for you a tasting wine tour in a close vineyard, where to taste  Umbrian wine as Sagrantino Doc .

And then during the day, you can have a elettrical bike or Vespa or Ape calessino tour around our villages or a rafting excursion or again quad one, but if you prefer a more quit holiday group you can have a tour with a professional guide to visit the beautiful place around us.

A journey with us is like a chapter in a good book you cannot put down, a discovery trail of treasures, an active vacation outdoors where you meet like-minded people and create wonderful memories to take home.

Tell us your budget and we organize you holiday with your group in Umbria, Assisi.

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Group in Umbria, Assisi.
Group in Umbria, Assisi.
Group in Umbria, Assisi.
Group in Umbria, Assisi.
Group in Umbria, Assisi.
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