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St.Valentine Celebrations in Italy

Valentine’s Day is a time when people show feelings of love, affection and friendship. It is celebrated in many ways worldwide and falls on February 14 each year.

What is the Valentine’s Day for Italian people?

It is synonymous with love and Italians traditionally have been considered to be lovers.  Known in Italy as “La Festa Degli Innamorati,” Valentine’s Day is celebrated  the 14 only between lovers and sweethearts. Italian people celebrate this lovers’ holiday  give each other flowers, plan romantic dinners and present each other with chocolates. The renowned Italian chocolate maker, Perugina celebrates this day by making a special edition of the Baci chocolate candies with a shiny red wrapper and a sweet red cherry and liquid center rather than the traditional hazelnut one. These chocolates are always a favorite and inside the foil wrapper there is a “love note” with a romantic phrase.

Which are the most romantic cities in Italy to celebrate this day?

Florence and Venice are traditionally considered to be two of the most romantic places in Italy but Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet celebrates Valentine’s Day with a four-day celebration of events designated “Verona in Love”. Perugia too and its famous Bacio is of the best romantic cities to spent the Valentines’ day and The Bacio Perugina symbol of Perugia celebrate it with the romantic word of love inside.

Which are the symbol of this day?

Hearts, the colors red and pink, roses, images and statues of cupids, and cupids’ bows and arrows symbolize the feeling of romance and love on Valentine’s Day.

In mythology, he uses his arrow to strike the hearts of people. People who fall in love are sometimes said to be “struck by Cupid’s arrow”.

The day focuses on love, romance, appreciation and friendship.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all lovers


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