A lot of foreign couples choose our country to crown their love dream; to get married in Italy means to enjoy a life experience which cannot be compared to any place in the world. Many couples choose to get married in Italy after a holiday spent or after having been invited to a wedding in Italy. What attracts foreign people in Italy is good food, ancient traditions, luxury or country-style locations. The only important thing is that it must be in a perfect Italian lifestyle. Besides this, the rules for foreigners who want to get married in Italy are rather simple and not expensive: this fact favours the choice of our country.

Sposarsi in Italia

Among the most popular regions, there’s Tuscany first and then Umbria, one of the smallest regions in Italy surrounded by green hills. If you want to get married in Umbria, you can choose among a large range of charming locations: castles, hamlets, farmhouses, luxury or country villas. But above all in Umbria you’ll find the simplicity of places which are perfect for country weddings whit open-air parties where to taste the delicious food of the Umbrian gastronomic tradition. Among the most sought-after places there is Assisi, where the natural setting of the town is perfect for a classical-style ceremony.

Recent studies have proved that six couples in ten choose Assisi as the ideal town where to get married. This happens because the main qualities of the town of Saint Francis give the true value of the wedding and feelings of quietness and peace. Besides the merely spiritual aspects, the couples who choose Assisi can celebrate the rite in one of its churches, well-known all over the world: the Basilica of St. Francis, St. Clare, the Cathedral of St. Rufino, the Basilica of St. Mary of Angels and many others.

Italy is seen like an ideal frame for a dream wedding because many celebrities have made weddings in Italy and Italy itself very popular on reviews well-known all over the world. «A lot of couples I met decided to marry in Italy after a holiday in our country or because somebody told them about his Italian wedding enthusiastically». Moreover, the rules for foreign couple who want to get married in Italy are simple and clear and not very expensive.

If the desire of the couple is to get married in Italy, why not to realise it? Good food, ancient traditions, fabulous locations and what makes the Italian lifestyle unique in the world, will be the ingredients of an exciting tale and of unforgettable memories which you’ll keep with you all your life. The procedures are easier than what you imagine and the team of Wedding Scenery is ready to help you for any need.

The marriage is like an adventure, a trip, and the best way to live it completely is to make it with the right person! «Italy as an attraction for dream weddings and, since I’m Italian, I am so pleased that so many foreign couples choose to get married in Italy having a huge possibility of selecting places and locations. I can suggest many locations to my guests but I think that it is better to visit the locations personally in order to choose where and how… and to love each other even more in a location which will be the Place where to say “Yes, I want”».